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Education assistance and guide real estate services

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Singapore has one of the best education system in the world.  Many countries has adopted Singapore school text books.

Singapore is also ranked number one by OECD in the 2015 PISA test.  540,000 age 15 years students from 72 countries took part in this test.

We can help you find a school in Singapore for your child and also accommodation as well.  We can also help you apply for VISA to stay in Singapore during the period of your child's education in Singapore.

Below is a flow chart of the Singapore Education System

Preparing to Study in Singapore

International students seeking admission to mainstream schools in Singapore should note that English is the medium of instruction.  International students are strongly encouraged to prepare themselves before taking the centralised test.  They should be familiar with the English and Mathematics syllabuses of the level preceding the one they are applying for.

International students who are successfully admitted to mainstream schools are strongly encouraged t prepare themselves in advance for a new school environment  where English is the language of classroom instruction, and to familiarise themselves with the relevant curriculum for their level. 

Guardian Particulars

International students are required to require to provide their guardians to the school.  The guardian should be either:

  • A Singapore Citizen/ Singapore Permanent Resident above 21 years old, or
  • The parent of the International student if the parent is working/staying in Singapore

It is a requirement for international students to have a guardian when they are studying in local mainstream schools.  The guardian is responsible to account for the child under his/her care.  The guardian must be contactable by the school and any change in guardianship must be reported to the school immediately


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