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Global Investor Programme

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GIP Programme

Your Family members

Your spouse and such unmarried children as are below 21 years old as at the date of application are eligible to apply for PR under the GIP application.  Male children who obtain PR by virtue of being independent will be liable for National Service. 

Your parents and such unmarried children as are 21 years old or older as at the date of application, are not eligible to apply for PR under GIP application.  Instead , they can apply for a 5 year long term Visit Pass (LTVP), which is tied to the validity of your RE-Entry Permit (REP).

Application Process

To apply for GIP, you will need to submit an application according to the following procedure:

Step 1 - Payment of a Non-refundable Application fee

a)    You are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of S$7,000 to the Economic Development Board of Singapore before submitting the application forms. 

b)    Complete application Forms (A, B and C)

c)    Submit the application forms and supporting documents to Contact Singapore


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